These are the fish surgeons and tangs, named after the knife-shaped protrusions at the base of the tail that can be erected to seriously harm other fish or the owner. They are also vegetarian and thrive must receive the proper diet. A good substitute for algae is frozen lettuce or spinach that become sticky when thawed and are voraciously consumed by many surgeons. Since they are fairly large fish when they reach their maximum size and are very active, surgeons need plenty of space.

There are two exceptional tangs, the surgeon and the surgeon blue powder blue. The first is a magnificent pastel blue with yellow dorsal fin, and is unfortunately sensitive, although it is true that the specimens taken from surface waters are more adaptable than those caught in deep water. The second is a sturdy deep blue fish with black markings, was dedicated to clean algae from your aquarium whether you want it like it. The surgeon clown is another spectacular species shares with other excessive capacity growth for a medium tank.

In other genres, unicorn fish with its tail fin filament is quite attractive, but the prize is for Zebrasoma species. The Sailfin Tang is a wonderful dorsal and anal when young, and the yellow tang is a hardy fish completely covered in yellow. Juveniles have long brown tang of fins and an attractive color, but adults are not as nice.

Some of the surgeon fish, particularly the blue tang, may horrify the acuarofilo by a feigned death as soon as they built the aquarium. Remain lying on the bottom and should be strictly left alone, will soon recover.

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