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Clowns Generally considered fish for beginners because most of them are sturdy and easy to maintain. However, with few exceptions, is generally not advisable to have more than one member of each species unless a very large tank where the schools can stay together. The damselfish Chromis or blue and blue-green chromis are exceptions to [...]


Several “Ballestas or ballistic” The trigger fish get their name from an erectile spine, part of the anterior dorsal fin, which could remove or hide at will. They are distinguished by their strength and aggression, although there are some exceptions. In the wild they feed on crustaceans and even molluscs in the aquarium readily accept [...]


Corals Corals are divided into three groups: Soft corals have spicules of calcium in their tissues but are not rigid skeletons. Since there typically contain algae, live well with a discreet lighting, but require more pure water anemones, very low in nitrates and other toxic compounds. The solitary corals build reefs but can not build [...]


Have radial symmetry, like the spokes of a wheel, a simple opening in a central cavity and produce nematocysts, stinging cells that release poison darts in response to touch. Anemones are much easier to maintain than the corals, anemones, although many of the most popular share ownership of many coral host algae and require to [...]


Starfishes This phylum includes five classes, all relevant to the acuarófilo: Class Crinoidea, the sea pinks and Comatulids, the Holothuroidea, or sea cucumbers, the Echinoidea, sea urchins, the Asteroidea, starfish and Ophiuroidea , the brittle. The sea pinks appeared millions of years ago and are virtually confined to great depths. They are like Comatulids but [...]


Surgeons These are the fish surgeons and tangs, named after the knife-shaped protrusions at the base of the tail that can be erected to seriously harm other fish or the owner. They are also vegetarian and thrive must receive the proper diet. A good substitute for algae is frozen lettuce or spinach that become sticky [...]


Crustaceans This huge group of animals includes all those with rigid skeletons, articulated external members, including insects, spiders and crustaceans. Only the sea-dwelling crustaceans and fresh water and even dry land, and include species. Shrimp and crabs are easy to maintain and therefore very popular aquarium species, but the big crabs and, in fact, most [...]


Butterflies The Chaetodon, marine butterfly fish are a very large group. Many of them are included in the genus Chaetodon. A large number of them are fairly easy to maintain, may need special care and some of them are practically impossible. With most of the specimens of this group is important to select individuals from [...]


Angels Angelfish offer a wonderful selection of specimens that are quite resistant to a wide variety of colors and sizes. The smallest are suitable for a medium sized aquarium, however the great need much space. In the wild they feed on sponges, bryozoans, and other live food, but fortunately accept frozen food and dry food [...]