This huge group of animals includes all those with rigid skeletons, articulated external members, including insects, spiders and crustaceans. Only the sea-dwelling crustaceans and fresh water and even dry land, and include species. Shrimp and crabs are easy to maintain and therefore very popular aquarium species, but the big crabs and, in fact, most large crustaceans, is unwise; are too destructive. Many of the tropical spiny lobsters are highly active when they are tiny, but do not forget that grow rapidly resulting in beautiful but annoying adults who spoil the whole scenario, digging among the anemones in search of food and can even eat his favorite fish.

Hermit crabs are tolerable when they are young, but when they grow can also cause problems. If you want to try them, do not forget they need more shells as they grow older. There are some very attractive shrimp do not grow too much and can be enjoyed throughout his life. One of the most common in aquariums is listing coral shrimp, very tough and fun to watch. Same-sex individuals have a tendency to fight, but instead couples are delicious. They swim around the tank together frequently, watch each other during the move, and the male feeds the female even at his own expense. Are hostile to others within the same group, but not dangerous, merely chase. They walk by the tank as if they were scorpions, with two extended clips. They grow to a maximum size of 7.5 cm. Like all crustaceans, drop your coat at certain intervals and are able to play the clips or who have lost limbs. Can act as scavengers, although with relatively low efficiency, pinching fish parasites but not relish the task.

Another shrimp Lysmata grabhami is equally attractive, cleaner red streaks is not aggressive and can be kept in groups. Several prawns, Periclimenes as gender, living on anemones and feed on the crumbs left over from their banquets. One type of shrimp to avoid are all called mantis, Squilla and others who are fierce predators and have very sharp appendages, with which they can hurt the other inhabitants of the tank and the hand that feeds them. Harlequin Shrimp are very attractive but feed on the tube feet of starfish. Some people say that these shrimp may become adapted to other types of food although with some difficulty.

There are almost as many species of crabs and shrimp. Many of the more decorative crabs are fun to maintain, as they cover themselves with pieces of the same setting of the tank or small anemones, which carefully transferred to your new shell after each molt. However, many crabs are so shy they are not worthwhile because they hide during the day and emerge only at night. The most desirable crabs are some of the crabs anemone, as Porcellana, and the arrow crab, with its long legs and red and orange streaks. If you have some selection of crabs, it may surprise one day see a multitude of nauplii, newly hatched young resemble those of Artemia salina.

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