Have radial symmetry, like the spokes of a wheel, a simple opening in a central cavity and produce nematocysts, stinging cells that release poison darts in response to touch. Anemones are much easier to maintain than the corals, anemones, although many of the most popular share ownership of many coral host algae and require to be well lit to thrive. These contain algae esticodactilineas anemones host and feed on both algae products and capturing prey with their tentacles as they bring the food to express anemone fish. The most popular species of the genera are Radianthus, with long tentacles, or Stoichacis and Discosoma, with much smaller tentacles, giving them some aspect of towel: the different species of anemone fish vary depending on whether you really “feed” your Anemone or simply use it as a pantry.

The anemone fish known Amphiphrion ocellaris has more tendency to steal food from your host has provided. There are many species of small anemones that are kept in an aquarium only for their beauty, and many of them can be played on the bipartition aquarium for young budding or sexual reproduction in many species method ends with the hatching of the young central cavity and subsequent removal around. Not all anemones are welcome at the aquarium. The genus Anemone Cerianthus TubiForm garment includes many members attractive, with beautiful pastel colors and long tentacles, but are lethal and come to kill the smaller creatures, including crustaceans that would normally escape unscathed from an anemone. Even worse is the anemone fire Actinodendron species that looks like a tree with many branches, which can inflict painful wounds himself and his fellow acuarofilo tank.

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